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Direct Hair Transplant(DHI) in Turkey: The Pinnacle of Precision and Natural Results at Estoria Clinic


The Direct Hair Transplant (DHI) method is an innovative technique that has gained popularity in the field of hair transplantation in recent years. Compared to traditional hair transplantation methods, it offers more natural results and a faster healing process, making it a prominent choice. The DHI method provides an effective solution for individuals experiencing hair loss, highlighting its advantages over conventional approaches in delivering aesthetic and rapid recovery benefits.

The DHI method utilizes a specially designed tool, known as the Choi pen, during the extraction and implantation process of hair follicles (grafts). This pen enables the extraction of hair follicles and their immediate transplantation directly into the recipient area. As a result, there is no need for creating incisions before implantation, which accelerates the healing process and results in fewer scars in the transplanted area.

Advantages of the Direct Hair Transplant Technique

  1. Natural-Looking Results:

    DHI offers exceptionally natural-looking outcomes by individually implanting hair follicles directly into areas showing baldness or thinning. This technique allows for precise control over the angle and direction of each follicle, ensuring the implanted hairs blend seamlessly with the natural hairline and density..

  2. Reduced Risk of Damage and Healing Time:

    Compared to traditional hair transplantation techniques, DHI minimizes the risk of damage to hair follicles because it utilizes a special tool that protects the follicles during implantation, reducing the likelihood of harm. Additionally, the recovery process is quicker with DHI, enhancing patient comfort after the procedure.

  3. No Incisions or Stitches Required:

    DHI hair transplantation does not require incisions or stitches. This accelerates the healing process and minimizes the potential for post-procedure scarring. Patients can return to their daily routines shortly after the treatment.

  4. High-Density Hair Transplantation:

    The DHI method allows for high-density hair transplantation, meaning a greater number of hair follicles can be successfully implanted in areas with less hair or bald spots. As a result, patients can achieve a fuller and denser hair appearance.

Who Is Suitable for Direct Hair Transplantation?

  1. Individuals with Stable Hair Loss:

    DHI is most suitable for those who have experienced a stabilization in their hair loss. This typically means men and women who have a clear understanding of their hair loss pattern and have not seen significant changes in the recent past. Stable hair loss helps in planning and achieving more predictable and lasting results..

  2. People Seeking Dense Hair Coverage:

    Due to the precise nature of the DHI technique, it is ideal for individuals aiming for high-density coverage in thinning areas. The method allows for the meticulous placement of hair follicles, making it easier to achieve a fuller look, especially in targeted areas of the scalp.

  3. Patients with Adequate Donor Hair Supply:

    A successful DHI procedure requires a good amount of healthy donor hair, usually from the back or sides of the head. Candidates should have sufficient, high-quality donor hair that can be transplanted to the thinning or balding areas to ensure the best outcomes.

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