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Hair loss is a common concern for women, and various factors such as hormonal changes, medical conditions, and lifestyle can contribute to hair thinning or baldness. Estoria Clinic in Turkey offers advanced hair transplant procedures for women, addressing female pattern hair loss and providing a long-term solution to restore natural-looking hair.

Hair Transplant Procedure for Women

The hair transplant procedure for women is similar to that for men, utilizing techniques such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), or Sapphire Hair Transplant based on individual needs. The procedure is designed to provide natural-looking results without any unwelcome post-operative appearance.

Causes Of Hair Loss In Women:

  1. Hormonal Changes:

    These changes can significantly alter the hair’s life cycle, leading to temporary or permanent hair loss depending on the individual’s health and genetic predisposition.
  2. Medical Conditions:

    Besides direct hair loss, such conditions often stress the body, indirectly affecting hair health and growth cycles, exacerbating hair thinning over time.
  3. Chemotherapy:

    While chemotherapy targets cancer cells, it also affects healthy cells, including those that support hair growth, often leading to widespread or total hair loss during treatment.
  4. Styling Practices:

    Over time, harsh chemicals and physical stress on the hair can weaken hair strands and damage hair follicles, potentially leading to irreversible hair loss if not addressed.

Candidates for Women Hair Transplant:

  1. Alopecia Marginalis:

    Women with non-hormonal hair loss around the scalp’s edges may benefit from hair transplants to restore their hairline, effectively addressing visible patches or thinning.
  2. Accidental Trauma or Scarring:

    Those with scalp injuries, chemical burns, or scars from accidents or procedures can use hair transplants to camouflage affected areas, promoting natural hair growth over scars.
  3. Post-Cosmetic Surgery Hair Loss:

    Women looking to hide hair loss or scars from cosmetic surgeries can find hair transplants useful for seamlessly covering these areas, improving cosmetic results..
  4. Pattern Baldness:

    Women experiencing hair loss patterns like receding hairlines or bald spots, similar to male pattern baldness, might find hair transplants a permanent solution for a fuller head of hair.

Why Choose Estoria Clinic for Hair Transplant For Women

Estoria Clinic stands as the optimal choice for hair transplant for women, offering:

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